Setting up#

Step 1) Find the original model code#

The original code is published on ModelDB.

Step 2) Create GitHub and Open Source Brain accounts for sharing the code#

2a) Sign up to GitHub and Open Source Brain#

We signed in to GitHub and OSBv1

2b) Create GitHub repository#

ModelDB provides GitHub repositories for all its models now. This model is available on GitHub here: ModelDBRepository/262670. The Open Source Brain (OSB) organization on GitHub also keeps a “fork” of these repositories to allow users to easily add them to both Open Source Brain v1 and v2. This fork is here, and is the one that we will work with: OpenSourceBrain/262670.

For the conversion, I (Ankur) created a fork of this repository with a new branch to work in: sanjayankur31/262670. A pull request work flow was used to submit converted bits back to the repository.

The first step was to re-organise the code to prepare it for conversion. All the existing code was moved to a new NEURON folder, and a new NeuroML2 folder set up to store the NeuroML version.

2c) Create Open Source Brain project#

A new project was created on OSBv1 and linked to the OSB repository: