NetPyNE and NeuroML#

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NetPyNE is a Python package to facilitate the development, simulation, parallelization, analysis, and optimization of biological neuronal networks using the NEURON simulator. NetPyNE can import from and export to NeuroML. NetPyNE also provides a web based Graphical User Interface.

Importing NeuroML into NetPyNE#

An example of how to import a network in NeuroML into NetPyNE can be found here.

Exporting NeuroML from NetPyNE#

An example of how to export a network built using NetPyNE to NeuroML can be found here.

Running NetPyNE on OSBv2#

Building and running NetPyNE models will be a core feature of Open Source Brain v2.0. See here for more details.


NetPyNE is also a key target for cross simulator network creation using NeuroMLlite. There are ongoing plans for greater alignment between formats used for network specification in NetPyNE and NeuroMLlite.