jLEMS is an interpreter for the Low Entropy Model Specification language written in Java.

Quick start#

Since jLEMS is included in jNeuroML, it does need not to be installed it separately. Please follow the instructions on installing jNeuroML provided here.

Please see the development section below for information on building the jLEMS interpreter from source.


Detailed documentation on LEMS is maintained here. For more information on LEMS, please also see Cannon et al. ([CGC+14])

Getting help#

For any questions regarding jLEMS, please open an issue on the GitHub issue tracker here. Any bugs and feature requests can also be filed there.

You can also use any of the communication channels of the NeuroML community.


jLEMS is developed on GitHub at LEMS/jLEMS under the MIT license. The repository contains the complete source code along with instructions on building/installing jLEMS.