Getting started with NeuroML

Getting started with NeuroML#

The best way to understand NeuroML is to work through NeuroML examples to see how they are constructed and what they can do. We present below a set of step-by-step guides to illustrate how models are written and simulated using NeuroML.


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Model life cycle stages

Guide 1

Create and simulate a simple regular spiking Izhikevich neuron in NeuroML

Create, Validate, Simulate

Guide 2

Create a network of two synaptically connected populations of Izhikevich neurons

Create, Validate, Visualise, Simulate

Guide 3

Build and simulate a single compartment Hodgkin-Huxley neuron

Create, Validate, Visualise, Simulate

Guide 4

Create and simulate a multi compartment hippocampal OLM neuron

Create, Validate, Visualise, Simulate

Guide 5

Optimise/fit NeuroML models to experimental data

Create, Validate, Simulate, Fit

Guide 6

Guide to converting cell models to NeuroML and sharing them on Open Source Brain

Create, Validate, Simulate, Share

Guide 7

Create novel NeuroML models from components on NeuroML-DB

Reuse, Create, Validate, Simulate

Guide 8

Extend NeuroML by creating a novel model type in LEMS

Create, Simulate

You do not need to install any software on your computers to run many of the examples above. These examples are followed by a Jupyter notebook for you to experiment with inside your browser (more info).