April 2024: NeuroML hackathon at HARMONY 2024

April 2024: NeuroML hackathon at HARMONY 2024#

Registration for the COMBINE initiative’s HARMONY 2024 meeting is free.

Please register for the COMBINE HARMONY 2024 meeting here if you are coming to our NeuroML workshop. Registration for HARMONY is free.

We will be running a NeuroML workshop during the upcoming COMBINE network’s HARMONY 2024 meeting on Tues 9th April 2024 in London, entitled:

NeuroML hackathon: convert your neuron and network models to open, standardised, reusable formats

This will be an opportunity for developers of models in computational neuroscience to get an introduction to the aims and structure of NeuroML, a guide to the tools available for building/converting their models to NeuroML, and to receive hands on help with expressing their models (or other published models they are interested in) in NeuroML format, making them more open, accessible and reusable.


More details to follow

Times and dates#

More details to follow


To take part in the workshop, please register here for the HARMONY meeting (registration is free).

Open an issue beforehand!#

While it will be possible to raise and discuss new issues at the workshop, it will be easier to manage and plan work/discussions if you open an issue with a description of the problem you are trying to address at: NeuroML/NeuroML2#issues.


To aid communication with the community during (and after) the meeting, we have a Slack channel for NeuroML related discussions. Please contact Padraig Gleeson for an invite.

We look forward to working with the community to drive further uptake of NeuroML compliant models and tools!