MatLab NeuroML Toolbox

MatLab NeuroML Toolbox#

The NeuroML 2 Toolbox for MATLAB facilitates access to the Java NeuroML 2 API functionality (jNeuroML) directly within Matlab.

Quick start#

Please install jNeuroML following the instructions provided here. Run Matlab and run the prefdir command to find the location of your preferences folder. Create a file javaclasspath.txt within that folder containing, on a single line, the full path to the jNeuroML-<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar from jNeuroML.

Restart Matlab, and you will be able to access jNeuroML classes. You can test your setup by validating an example file:

import org.neuroml.model.util.NeuroML2Validator
file ='/full/path/to/model.nml');
validator = NeuroML2Validator();


Please refer to the jNeuroML documentation for information on the Java NeuroML API. Examples on using the Matlab toolbox are available here.

Getting help#

For any questions regarding the NeuroML Matlab toolbix, please open an issue on the GitHub issue tracker here. Any bugs and feature requests can also be filed there.

You can also use any of the communication channels of the NeuroML community.


The NeuroML Matlab toolbox is developed on GitHub at NeuroML/NeuroMLToolbox.