Software and Tools

Core NeuroML Tools

The NeuroML initiative supports a core set of libraries (mainly in Python and Java) to enable the creation/validation/analysis/simulation of NeuroML models as well as to facilitate adding support for the language to other applications.

Python based applications

For most users, pyNeuroML will provide all of the key functionality for building, validating, simulating, visualising, and converting NeuroML 2 and LEMS models. It builds on libNeuroML and pyLEMS and bundles all of the functionality of jNeuroML to provide access to this through a Python interface.

Java based applications

jNeuroML (for validating, simulating and converting NeuroML 2 models) and jLEMS (for simulating LEMS models) are the key applications created in Java for supporting NeuroML 2/LEMS.

NeuroML support in other languages

There are preliminary APIs for using NeuroML in C++ and MATLAB.

Other NeuroML supporting applications

Many other simulators, applications and libraries support NeuroML. See here for more details.

A number of databases and neuroinformatics initiatives support NeuroML as a core interchange format. See here for more details.