MOOSE and NeuroML

MOOSE and NeuroML

MOOSE is the Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment. It is the base and numerical core for large, detailed multi-scale simulations that span computational neuroscience and systems biology. It is based on a complete reimplementation of the GENESIS 2 core.

Some tests of using MOOSE with NeuroML models and example code can be found in the MOOSE Showcase repository.

Simulating NeuroML models in MOOSE

You can export NeuroML models to the MOOSE simulator format using jNeuroML or pyNeuroML, pointing at a LEMS Simulation file describing what to simulate, and using the -moose option:

# Using jnml
jnml <LEMS simulation file> -moose

# Using pynml
pynml <LEMS simulation file> -moose