NeuroML C++ API#

A C++ API for NeuroML.

Quick start#

The C++ API is generated from the NeuroML specification using the CodeSynthesis XSD XML Schema to C++ data binding compiler. The C++ API needs to be compiled from source. Please refer to the instructions in the Readme document for instructions on building and installing the API.


For information on the generated C++ structure, please see the XSD user manual.

API documentation#

API documentation for the C++ API can be found here. It can also be generated while building the API from source, as documented in the Readme.

Getting help#

For any questions regarding the C++ NeuroML API, please open an issue on the GitHub issue tracker here. Any bugs and feature requests can also be filed there.

You can also use any of the communication channels of the NeuroML community.


The C++ NeuroML API is developed on GitHub at NeuroML/NeuroML_API under the MIT license.