March 2021: NeuroML hackathon at HARMONY 2021

March 2021: NeuroML hackathon at HARMONY 2021#

Registration for the COMBINE initiative’s HARMONY 2021 meeting is free.

Register for the COMBINE: HARMONY 2021 meeting here. Registration is free.

We will be running 3 online NeuroML hackathon sessions during the upcoming COMBINE: HARMONY 2021 meeting on 23-25th March. The general theme of the sessions will be: learn to build, visualise, analyse and simulate your models using NeuroML.

Why take part?#

These hackathons will give members of the neuroscience community the chance to:

  • Get high level introductions to the NeuroML language and tool chain

  • Meet the NeuroML core development team and editors

  • Find out the latest information on which simulators/applications support NeuroML

  • Open, discuss and work on issues related to converting your model to NeuroML, or supporting NeuroML in your simulator

  • Learn how to share your models with the community

Times and dates#

All sessions will be online and take place over 3 hours (9am-noon Pacific; 12-3pm EST time; 4-7pm UK/UTC; 5-8pm CET, 9:30pm-12:30am IST; note non-standard US/EU time differences that week). The broad focus of each of the sessions (dependent on interests of attendees) is:

  • Tues 23rd March: Introduction to NeuroML, general questions about usage

  • Wed 24th March: Detailed cell/conductance based models (e.g. converting channels to NeuroML)

  • Thus 25th March: Abstract/point neuron networks including PyNN interactions


To take part in the hackathon, please register here for the HARMONY meeting (registration is free). You will get sent details to access the agenda, which will have links to the Zoom sessions for each of the days.

Open an issue beforehand!#

While it will be possible to raise and discuss new issues at the hackathons, it will be easier to manage and plan work/discussions if you open an issue with a description of the problem you are trying to address at: NeuroML/NeuroML2#issues.


To aid communication with the community during (and after) the meeting, we have a Slack channel for NeuroML related discussions. Please contact Padraig Gleeson for an invite.

We look forward to working with the community to drive further uptake of NeuroML compliant models and tools!