July 2021: NeuroML tutorial at CNS*2021

July 2021: NeuroML tutorial at CNS*2021#

Register for the 30th Annual meeting of the Organization for Computational Neurosciences (OCNS).

Register for the CNS*2021 here.

We will be running a half day tutorial at the 30th annual meeting of the Organization for Computational Neurosciences (OCNS): CNS*2021.

The goal of the tutorial is to teach users to: build, visualise, analyse and simulate models using NeuroML.

Why take part?#

This tutorial is aimed at new and current NeuroML users. We will start with a quick introduction to the NeuroML standard and the associated software ecosystem, after which we will proceed to conduct hands-on sessions to show how one can build computational models with NeuroML.

Times and dates#


To take part in the tutorial, please register here for the CNS*2021 meeting.


The sessions will make use of the NeuroML Python tools. Please follow the documentation to install them on your system if you wish to use them locally:

You can also use the interactive Jupyter notebooks from the documentation if you prefer (example). These can be run on Binder and Google Collab in your web browser and do not require you to install anything locally on your computer.


To aid communication with the community during (and after) the meeting, we have a Slack channel for NeuroML related discussions. Please contact Padraig Gleeson for an invite.

You can also contact the NeuroML community using one of our other channels.

We look forward to working with the community to drive further uptake of NeuroML compliant models and tools!