Get NeuroML


Get NeuroML#

While one can use Jupyter Notebooks on different platforms (Binder/Open Source Brain v2/Google Colab) to work with NeuroML models (for example, the tutorials in this documentation can mostly be run on Jupyter Notebooks), for certain use cases, it may be preferable/necessary to install the stack on our own computers. One such use case, for example, is when one needs to run large scale simulations that require supercomputers/clusters to simulate.

What you need#

The NeuroML stack is written primarily in Python and Java, and so requires:

  • a supported, working Python installation

  • a working Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The software stack is currently tested on:

  • Python versions: 3.8–3.12 (3.11 is preferred)

  • Java versions 8, 11, 16, 17, 19 on these operating systems (OS): Ubuntu 22.04 (“ubuntu-latest”), MacOS 14 Arm 64 (“macos-latest”), Windows 2019 (“windows-2019”)

Once you have these programming languages installed, all you need to do is install pyNeuroML, and that will install the other parts of the NeuroML software stack for you too. Please see the pyNeuroML page for more details.